A Revolutionary Way to Login to Websites and Apps - WhatsApp based Login

In the digital age, authentication and security have become a top priority for website and app owners. Traditional methods like username and password or SMS-based One-Time Passwords (OTPs) are not only time-consuming but also cause frustration among users, leading to forgotten passwords or delayed access.

But, what if we told you there's a better way to log in to websites and apps? Introducing a game-changing solution that simplifies the login process and enhances the user experience - WhatsApp based Login.

How it Works

This innovative solution utilizes the widely used instant messaging app, WhatsApp, to securely verify the user's phone number. Instead of typing in a password or waiting for an SMS OTP, users can easily log in by confirming their phone number through WhatsApp.

For desktop or laptop users, a QR code is displayed which they can scan using their mobile device's camera to open the WhatsApp app. They can then authorize the login attempt. On the other hand, if the user is accessing from a mobile device, a "Login with WhatsApp" button is displayed, and once clicked, the WhatsApp app opens on the device. The user can authorize the login by submitting a pre-filled message and will be redirected to the website or app and logged in instantly.

Benefits of noOTP / Login With Whatsapp based Login

Embrace the Future noOTP Login

The WhatsApp based Login solution is a major step forward in the world of website and app authentication. If you're a product developer, CTO, or just someone looking for a more secure and user-friendly login experience, this is the solution for you.

Visit wauth.in to learn more about the solution and try out the demo to see it in action.